Yorkshire's Best Locations For Engagement Photos

Yorkshire's Best Locations For Engagement Photos

Engagement/pre-wedding photoshoots are incredibly popular and are also a great way to get to know your wedding photographer before the big day.

We've put together a list of locations around Yorkshire that are perfect for your engagement photoshoot and will help your photos look stunning.


Whitby is an incredibly versatile location that offers many different options for your engagement photos.

Whitby Abbey is a stunning backdrop for any photo and the breathtaking views across the bay offer another option. Whitby beach offers a different feel and looks beautiful through every season. 

Finally, Whitby's historic town is also an option. The buildings are timeless and offer something a little more unique. If you want variety in your engagement photos, Whitby is a brilliant option.

Cow and Calf, Ilkley

If you're an outdoorsy couple then the Cow and Calf at Ilkley is a fantastic choice. With its amazing panoramic view of Ilkley, the Cow and Calf feels very special.

The beautiful rock formations make for amazing shots. In particular if you get this location around sunset, the lighting is going to look fabulous as the sun hits the rocks and look guys up Ilkley town centre below.

Otley Chevin

Otley Chevin is a beautiful forest park which overlooks Otley giving amazing view across the Wharfe Valley. It’s proximity to Leeds really helps with the logistics too.

The woodland in particular looks stunning in Autumn so it’s definitely one to consider if your shoot is happening in Autumn. When the sunset hits the beautiful heather it makes for a breathtaking backdrop to your engagement shoot.

Bolton Abbey

One of my absolute favourite places is Bolton Abbey, it’s an amazingly beautiful location with a plethora of backdrops for your shoot. There’s the abbey itself, the fantastic countryside and the river Wharfe.

In particular, the stepping stones across the Wharfe are a fantastic location that a must in any engagement shoot. It’s definitely worth checking out Priory Church if you are heading to Bolton Abbey, it’s wonderful.

The Stray, Harrogate

The Stray in Harrogate is a particularly stunning location for engagement shoots in the spring. The cherry blossoms in full bloom look simply amazing. A sunset among the cherry blossoms is completely spectacular. Cherry blossom doesn’t last too long so make sure that you time it right.

Temple Newsham

I’ve seen some gorgeous photos from engagement shoots at Temple Newsham, the grounds alone make for the perfect backdrop to your photos with the beautiful array of plants and colourful flowers.

Malham Cove

If it’s epic shots that you’re looking for then look no further than Malham Cove. There’s the foot of the cove, a wonderful waterfall and the spectacular views from the top of the cove if you have a head for heights. This is definitely one for the Harry Potter fans as some scenes from The Deathly Hallows were shot at the top of Malhman Cove.

Roundhay Park, Leeds

A summer’s evening in Roundhay Park can be incredibly beautiful, the lush green scenes, the glorious reflections on the lake. Get the weather right and you’re in for a stunning engagement shoot. Be warned though, Roundhay Park does get quite busy so if you’re the shy type it might not be the best location and this is important to consider.

Hazlewood Castle

Not only a fantastic wedding venue, Hazlewood Castle makes for a stunning engagement shoot location. Much like The Stray in Harrogate, Hazlewood Castle is blessed with a wonderful row of Cherry Blossom trees. I’ve shot pictures of my kids here many times in the past, when the blossom is falling from the trees it makes for stunning photos.

Brimham Rocks

Another location where a head for heights will really help. Brimham Rocks is great for those epic shots where scenery really helps to frame your pictures, but that’s not all Brimham Rocks has to offer, it really allows your photographer to play with light and shadow which is fantastic for those tender moments. Just be warned that in Winter it can get really cold here so take a flask with a hot drink to keep you warm.

And finally, if you’ve not yet settled on a photographer for your engagement and wedding then take a look at my guide on how to choose a wedding photographer featuring some tips from the pros.

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