What Information Should I Put On My Luggage Tag

What Information Should I Put On My Luggage Tag

At Paper Bloom we like to think we know a few things about luggage tags having made thousands of them since we started our business.

Collection Of Luggage Tags

Here are our top tips for what to include when personalising your luggage tags.

Should I include my name on my luggage tag?

Your name is the obvious starting point for a luggage tag. Having an identifiable tag with your name on it will not only make it easier for you to locate but it will also stop anyone else from accidentally thinking it might be theirs.

What about my phone number?

Your name is a great starting point but it doesn't help someone that finds your missing bag actually get in touch with you. For that reason we'd also recommend including a mobile phone number on your tag.

This is the minimum we recommend for functional luggage tags.

Should I include my address on my luggage tag?

There is some debate over whether to include your address on your luggage tag.

This debate stems from the fact that if your address is on your tag and your bag is at the airport, you're essentially letting people know where your house is and that you're not home.

For that reason it may make sense to partially include your address. You could include the local area and the town/city or your could even include your street.

With your name, mobile phone number and area on your baggage you should be easy enough to find if your luggage does go missing.

Luggage Tags

There is an alternative option, and this is one that we get a lot of personalisation requests for. Use a unique word or phrase that means something to you alongside your phone number.

This way you're still making your bags uniquely identifiable, and you're still contactable but you're not giving out any unnecessary information.

You can also get a little creative with it too, it could be a word you use with your friends, a line from a song or phrase from a movie.

Anything goes, get a little creative with it! We'd recommend that you add some kind of luggage tag to all of your bags, whether they're being taken as hand luggage or checked in.

Luggage tags are cheap to buy, easy to attach and have the potential to save you from a lot of wasted holiday time looking for bags that have gone missing.

You can check out our range of personalised luggage tags here.

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