Top 10 Wedding Backdrop Ideas

Top 10 Wedding Backdrop Ideas

It’s pretty important to get amazing photos at your wedding day and if you’ve chosen a great wedding photographer then you should be able to relax a little on that front.

That said, it’s worth considering your wedding backdrops to ensure that you really get some stunning, memorable photos.

Wedding Ring

Wedding backdrops are getting more popular and more creative all the time. Here are some of our favourite backdrop ideas for weddings in 2021.

Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers

A few years back we saw flower walls become very popular but if you really want to step it up a notch then look no further than dried flowers and leaves. The beauty about dry flowers is that they’re not overpowering and their muted tones work so well with both dark and light tones.


If you want to get really personal then chalkboard backdrops are the way to go. Chalkboards themselves are pretty ordinary but it’s what you do with them that counts. You can use them as an opportunity to tell your story in a really creative way. What we really love about chalkboard backdrops though is that your guests can contribute. Get your guests to sign the backdrop and you’ll have something completely unique and personal to you.

Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights Wedding

When it starts to get dark outside is there anything better than fairy lights? Wedding photos taken with a shallow depth of field give a beautiful bokeh effect that really lights up your photos. They make everything look beautiful, oh and did we say that fairy lights are incredibly flattering too?

Neon Lights

Neon Sign

Made popular by literally every Youtuber ever, neon lights have increased in popularity so much in recent years. They make an amazing contrast to your daytime photos and really separate the wedding from the night do. The great thing with neon lighting is that it comes in so many different forms, whether it’s muted strip lights used to highlight or personal messages that add a little flavour. Neon lighting really makes a statement.

Barn Doors

Call us traditionalists but you simply cannot go wrong with barn doors as a backdrop. They look beautiful and work so well with traditional wedding colours, couple this with the fact that barn doors are simply timeless and you’ve got the perfect backdrop.

Hedges and Names

Personalised surname signs have really taken off. You know when something is on Keeping Up With The Kardashians that it’s really landed. Personalised wooden name signs look stunning when placed against hedges and bring that unique element to your wedding.

Polaroid Frames

Ok Polaroid frames aren’t exactly new but as we’re all a bit selfie obsessed these days they’re still incredibly popular. Guests love them and they do make for some memorable photos.

Wedding Vows

Enlarged wedding vows make for an uber-personal backdrop that will only ever be yours. You can get creative with the application of your vows, whether they’re printed onto material, projected on to walls or written on chalkboard they’ll look absolutely amazing.


Wedding Dress Details

Macramé has really picked up in popularity over the past couple of years. It’s perfect for the boho weddings and compliments lace wedding gowns beautifully. We’ve seen it used for photo backdrops as arches, on large scale hoops, holding seating charts and everything in-between.


The beauty of balloons is that they’re really versatile. You can get them in almost any colour so they will always fit your theme, you can also get quite creative with their layout too. Arches and arcs are really popular as are solid balloon walls, they look even better with a little lighting behind them too.

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