Small Wedding Tips and Ideas

Small Wedding Tips and Ideas

Small weddings are growing in popularity and for good reason too, they offer the chance for more personal, intimate experience and they're a little bit easier on the bank balance too.

The coronavirus pandemic forced a lot of people to cancel or adapt their wedding plans and had a huge impact on weddings in general but it also made us realise that small weddings can be amazing, intimate events that will be remembered for eternity.

Wedding Flowers

Gone are the days of choosing between a huge traditional wedding or visiting a registry office, the small wedding is here to stay. Here are some ideas to make your small wedding an unforgettable event.

Small Wedding Guest List

There are few parts of wedding planning that cause as much stress as the guest list, a smaller wedding means that you're going to have to be even more selective so think very carefully who makes the grade.

The good news is that you've got a great excuse why you haven't invited your distant cousin Gary who you haven't seen since you were six.

Handwritten Invitations

Here’s your opportunity to get really personal and send handwritten invitations. It’s so much more personal and will really set the tone for your intimate wedding. You can even go the extra mile and practice your calligraphy skills.

Non Traditional Wedding Party

With a limited guest list the traditional wedding party won't work, so don't feel like you have to have bridesmaids, ushers or any other member of the traditional wedding party. Do it your way and don't worry about traditions, just make sure that you have the people present that you want to be there.

Weekdays Are Back In Business

Smaller weddings are far easier to have during the week. It's a lot easier to get smaller groups of people aligned to take some time off during the week than it is to get 100+ people to do the same.

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In theory it should also be cheaper to have your wedding during the week which is great news for you, you can either save some money or spend it on another part of your wedding. I'd definitely recommend the honeymoon :).

Venue Options

When it comes to smaller weddings you'll have a lot more options. The small size of your wedding party opens up venues that can't host large weddings, restaurants are a brilliant option here, as is a family home or a beautiful Airbnb.

Choose The Right Photographer

With a smaller wedding you’re far more likely to notice your wedding photographer throughout the day, so this means it’s extra important to choose a photographer that you get along with and you can be completely relaxed around, this will result in better photos. If you’d like some help on this front, read our guide on choosing a wedding photographer.

All About The Details

Wedding Details

Less time worrying about huge guest lists and venue availability gives you a great opportunity to really work on the details. Those beautiful little touches that will make your big day even more memorable for your guests.

Creative Seating

Without doubt my favourite aspect of small weddings is making the seating far more intimate, it will have a huge impact on your whole experience. U-shaped tables are a great way to keep everyone feeling like part of the main event and help to create a great atmosphere.

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