Small Kids Bedroom Ideas

Small Kids Bedroom Ideas

Just because your child has a small bedroom doesn’t mean that it can’t be an amazing space for them. There are so many brilliant ways to maximise your space that there’s hope for even the smallest of children's bedrooms out there.

Here’s a list of our favourite ideas to transform your child’s small bedroom into an amazing room they can enjoy that makes creative use of the space that you have available. Hopefully you'll find a little bit of inspiration here.

High Rise Bed

Let’s start with the biggest piece of furniture in any room, the bed. Your child's bed is likely to take up the majority of the floor space in a small room so a high rise bed makes a lot of sense.

High rise beds increase the floor space and allow you to use what would otherwise be unusable space. We think they’re a fantastic way to get started with a small bedroom. It makes sense to start with the biggest gain.

The beauty of high rise beds is that they often solve the problem of another large piece of furniture as desks or chest of drawers are often built underneath them saving you even more room. Also, I can't think of a single child that doesn't love the idea of sleeping high up.

Neutral Colour Scheme

Ok so maybe a light, neutral colour scheme doesn’t actually gain you any space but it will make it feel like there’s more space and that’s the next best thing. It’s amazing what a light, neutral colour scheme can do to a room that has previously been quite dark.

Sometimes a dark room can just feel more restrictive, and feel that little bit more claustrophobic. Natural light will bounce around the room better when it's painted in love that neutral colours and give your room a completely new lease of life. 

One really neat idea when it comes to neutral colour schemes is go for a monochromatic room.

Use Your Walls

Floating shelves and peg rails are a great way to store clothes and toys without taking up much space. These can make a great alternative to larger furniture which you’d normally use to store toys and other things. Furniture that normally takes up a lot of room.

Obviously you’re not going to be able to replace a wardrobe with a few shelves and pegs but smaller items like toy boxes might be able to be replaced with minimum disruption and without breaking the bank.

Feature Wall

If you do want to brighten things up a little and give the room a little more impact then we’d recommend sticking to a single wall and making a feature of it. This is a great way to really personalise a room without making it feel claustrophobic, not to mention it’s a lot easier to update further down the line when you feel like changing things up!

When choosing a wall to have as a feature wall give a little consideration to how the light will bounce around the room, particularly if you plan on the feature wall being quite a dark colour or tone. You'd be amazed at the impact a single wall can have. 

We might be a little biased at Paper Bloom but we think wall stickers are a great way to make a feature wall.

Maximise Floor Space

As much as possible you want to try and maximise the floor space that you have and reduce the furniture that stands close to the floor. Furniture and storage that stands on higher legs keeps that floor space available. Even drawers and cupboards which have a little room underneath provide useful storage space for toys and games.

If you want to get really creative you can start to look at alternative ways to use wall space. Our road wall stickers are a great example of this, not only do they serve as decoration but kids can use them as a play space too.

Go Minimalist

A small room is an opportunity to reassess the things that you do have. If your child hasn’t used a toy for a while it might make sense to clear a few things out. Going minimalist doesn’t mean having nothing, it just means being a little bit more selective with the things that you do hang on to.

If going minimalist is a little bit full on for you, rotating toys and games is a good idea. Put some of your child's toys and games in the loft and rotate them every few months, you'll be amazed when they start to play with something they haven't touched in years.

Use Your Alcove 

If your room has an alcove you can use this space to accommodate a desk, wardrobe or some shelving. Custom-made desks are great in alcoves.

Alcoves are often just left as wasted space as they can be a little irregular to work with, but this just means that you need to get a little creative.

So there you have it, my top tips to maximise the space in your child's small bedroom and turn it into a truly amazing space.

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