Modern Wedding Decal

Modern Wedding Decal Inspiration

I absolutely love it when people send me photos showing the decals they've ordered from me. It's actually incredibly rare that I get to see what people have done with them. I can forgive them though as they're usually way too busy with their married lives to be sending photos through.

Modern Wedding Decal

Recently I received these photos from Bridgine and Johnny's beautiful wedding in Northern Ireland and I just had to share them on my blog for you to see. Who doesn't love a little wedding inspiration?

Bridgine purchased my modern wedding decal and made a small adjustment by asking me to also add the date when she requested the order.

Modern Wedding Decal

What I really like is that through the selection of the stunning wood and the addition of the flowers they've really turned it into something totally unique to them. It works so well, in fact, I wish I'd thought of it when I initially photographed the decal. Maybe next time!

I also love that they aligned the decal to the right. This mixes it up a little bit and really adds to the overall feel. Despite the fact that this design is one of the most modern in my wedding sticker collection, the flowers and wood give it a lovely rustic charm.

Modern Wedding Decal

You can take a look at the rest of the photos of Bridgine and Johnny's wedding over at the photographer Holly and Lime's website. The outdoor shots by the logs are absolutely stunning but check out the whole album too.

If you've ordered one of my decals and have taken any photos I'd love to see them. Just drop me an email or message me through Instagram.

Thanks for reading!

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