Personalised Luggage Tags For The Win

Personalised Luggage Tags For The Win

I'm so excited to introduce my brand new product line: personalised luggage tags.

These beautiful personalised baggage tags are the perfect way to make sure your luggage doesn't get picked up by the wrong person on the oh-so-stressful baggage carousel.

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But they’re not just for luggage that you check-in, they’re really useful for hand luggage too.

They're made from high quality acrylic and are available in a range of soft colours: dusky pink, stone, white, sage green, pine and desert beige. There’s a colour for you no matter what floats your boat.

You can personalise them even more though by choosing an attachments to connect them to your bag. We have metal cable loops, faux leather, black paracord and chrome lobster claws. Make it uniquely yours.

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So far they've been really popular with travellers, we've even had a few pilots placing orders.

Right now I'm working on extending the range, keep your eyes peeled for even more designs.

What are you waiting for?

Get personalising your luggage!

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