How To Remove A Wall Decal or Sticker

There comes a time when you'll either want to reposition a wall decal/sticker or remove it. Good quality wall stickers will not leave a mark when removed but it is possible that your wall may have faded if your stickers have been up for a long time (don't be surprised if that once perfect wall colour remains under your stickers). Poorer quality stickers can be a little more tricky but it’s nothing that you can’t handle.

Let’s get to it!

Start by peeling Most wall stickers will remove purely by peeling them away. If it's a particularly intricate sticker or decal you'll need to be very delicate, especially if you're planning on repositioning it somewhere else. The more detailed the decal, the more careful you'll need to be. It always pays to be careful though.

The main trick here is to take your time, there's no need to rush it. It is possible on older walls for the decal to bring some paint with it as you start to peel it away. This tends to happen when you try and peel the decal away from the wall too quickly. Go slowly and try and peel from the widest section.

Removing stubborn decals

For stickers that are proving to be a little more stubborn, you may need to bring a little heat to the party. This is when the hairdryer becomes your best friend. Simply heat the stickers for a minute or so and get to work peeling away.

A knife is useful to get the peeling started but be careful not to cut into the decal (this is less of a problem if you're not planning on using it again though). A little heat can go a long way.

Depending on the quality of the decal or sticker that has been applied, there can be a little residue left after removal. It’s a good idea to remove this at the same time as removing the decal. A little soapy water will help here (not too soapy).

Glass and mirrors

Decals stick to glass and mirrors like barnacles to a rock. Due to the super smooth nature of glass, the bond is often very good. When it comes to glass we’d recommend using the hairdryer right from the off, particularly if you are wanting to reuse the decal somewhere else.

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