How To Make a DIY Wedding Sign

How To Make A DIY Wedding Sign

Wedding signs are often the first thing your guests will see on your big day, for that reason you want to make the right impression and let your guests know they’re in for a great day.

Unfortunately the signs that most venues offer look like they should be in an office directing people to a conference room, rather than letting people know they've arrived at your intricately planned, beautiful and sometimes very expensive wedding.

If you're working with a tight budget or perhaps just feel like getting creative, you don't need to buy a wedding sign, you can make your own.

It's Easy To Make A Wedding Sign

The good news is, it's easy to make your own sign that looks great and it doesn't need to cost a lot either. The first thing you'll need is something to put your message on. Here are a few ideas...

  1. Mirrors (vintage mirrors look great and can often be found cheaply in charity shops)
  2. Wooden pallets
  3. Chalkboards
  4. Wooden signs

Ultimately you can use anything, it's great to be able to add a little personality with your chosen sign so if you have something that’s personal to you then that’s a great starting point.

It's a wise choice to match your sign to the theme of your wedding. Wooden signs are great for weddings with a rustic style whereas mirrors work really well for more classic traditional style weddings.

Once you've made your choice and you have something you'd like to add your message to, the next step is deciding what your message should be.

Choosing Your Message

There are a number of different wedding signs that you could make, the most popular of which is the classic wedding welcome sign. Here are others that you may want to consider...

  1. Welcome sign
  2. Order of the day
  3. Seating plan
  4. Directional sign
  5. Cards and Gifts
  6. Guestbook

You can add a little personality to these by including some messaging that is personal to you both rather that just going for a standard message. Lyrics are becoming more popular.

Your own needs will determine exactly which type of sign you need to make.

Now you know the type of sign you want to make and what you’re adding your message to, you need to find a way to get the message on to your sign.

There are a couple of methods to getting your message on to your sign and they are hand painting and vinyl decals. Each has its own qualities. 

Hand Painted Signs

Hand painted signs are great for the personal touch and look great for rustic themes. They're also a great way to introduce your own (or your groom's) handwriting. This can really bring a beautiful personalised feel to your wedding.

Vinyl Decals and Stickers

Vinyl Decals/Stickers are really easy to apply to a range of signs, they'll stick to any smooth surface which makes them a great choice for mirrors, glass, wooden signs and chalkboards.

They're also relatively cheap and can be personalised. While they don't have that hand written feel, they can feel quite unique. It's your choice which method you go for.

If you're going for the handwritten/painted approach then make sure you plan it out and have a practice beforehand. Special pens are available which will write on chalkboard and mirrors/glass. If your sign is wood, paint will be just fine. Just be careful if your sign is outside and you've used a water based paint, the rain will wash your creation away.

When it comes to vinyl decals and stickers, it should just be a case of making sure you order the right size. If you're not sure how to apply a sticker check out my wall sticker application instructions, wall stickers are the same as wedding stickers so this will really help.

And that's it, you've learned how to make a DIY wedding sign which not only looks beautiful but is also personalised for your big day.

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