How To Have A Lockdown Wedding

How To Have A Lockdown Wedding

Last Updated: 23 February 2021

Under the current lockdown weddings are not permitted to take place unless one of those getting married is seriously ill and not expected to recover. If that is the case a ceremony with up to 6 attendees is permitted.

After the 8th March, recent restrictions limiting weddings to those with special circumstances ends, weddings however will be limited to a maximum of just 6 attendees.

After the 12th April it is expected that weddings with up to 15 people attending will be permitted.

It is looking likely that June will be the month when there are no limits on the number of people attending a wedding.

Here are some common questions regarding lockdown weddings.

How to reduce risks at wedding reception during the Covid-19 pandemic

Social distancing of at least 2 metres should be adhered to by guests that do not live together or are not part of a support bubble. Floor tape can help guests adhere to these guidelines. Guests should minimise touching property that belongs to others.

How many people can attend a wedding during the pandemic?

After the current lockdown which does not permit weddings to take place, we're expecting the rules to change back to allow weddings with up to 6 attendees. This will be then followed in April by weddings with up to 15 people attending with June looking like restrictions will be lifted completely. This applies to civil partnerships and alternative wedding ceremonies.

Do we need to wear masks at our wedding?

The law currently states that face coverings should be worn in places of worship so this would depend on where you are getting married. There are exceptions for those that are leading the service, the couple getting parried or joining in partnership and those officiating at the wedding.

Should I cancel my wedding because of lockdown?

Only you can answer this question. If you have always planned on having a large wedding then you may be best placed to wait until there are further developments with the pandemic that allow larger wedding ceremonies to take place. That said, if you prefer a more intimate ceremony with less people in attendance anyway it may be worth considering.

When the wedding industry returns to normal there are expected to be huge waiting lists for venues that will likely further impact your plans.

If you're looking for a little help with your wedding planning, take a look at our wedding planning checklist, and take a look at our tips and ideas for a small wedding.

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