How To Apply Wall Stickers

How To Apply Wall Stickers

Although wall stickers and decals are quite easy to apply to a wall, it makes sense to familiarise yourself with the process to ensure that you get it right first time.

The following video and instructions are specifically for wall stickers that have transfer paper/tape on them (other types of wall stickers are just peel and stick).

The instructions are the same whether you're working with  wedding stickers or wall stickers.

What you will need to apply your wall sticker

  • Credit card (preferably an old one)
  • Ruler/Tape Measure
  • Pencil

A spirit level may be handy if you need precision placement but not absolutely necessary.

Step 1 - Prepare the surface

How To Apply A Wall Decal - Prepare The Surface

A little preparation goes a long way. Wall stickers work best on smooth, clean surfaces. Using a damp sponge, wipe down the surface to remove any surface dirt. For surfaces that need a little extra cleaning, you can use a small amount of soap to help. Once the surface has been cleaned, it needs to be completely dry before you attempt to apply the sticker. At Paper Bloom we recommend either leaving the surface for a few hours or using a hair dryer for a few minutes to make surface is totally dry.

Step 2 - Measure and mark

How To Apply A Wall Decal Step - Measure and Mark

If you've chosen a sticker that needs a definite position then this is a great point to mark up up exactly where you want your sticker to go. This is less important if you're going for a more random pattern based decal, but it's still worth considering. A tape measure and a pencil are the tools you need to get this right. Keep the pencil marks really light so you can erase them at the end.

Step 3 - Prep the sticker/decal

How To Apply Wall Decal - Prep The Decal

Place your sticker onto a flat surface with the graphic side facing down. Firmly rub the transfer paper using your credit card to help make sure the decal sticks to the transfer paper.

Step 4 - Peel off the backing sheet

How To Apply Wall Decal - Peel Off The Backing Sheet

Flip your sticker/decal over. Starting in one corner (the choice is yours), slowly peel away the backing sheet - rolling it works well for this. Take it nice and slow and make sure that no part of the sticker is stuck to the backing sheet. If an area of the sticker does stick to the backing sheet roll it back down and firmly press the sticker back onto the application tape (again your credit card is good here).

Step 5 - Position your sticker

How To Apply Decal - Position Your Decal

Carefully position your sticker with transfer paper onto your chosen surface. When you’re happy with the position press one edge of the tape firmly against the surface. Now you can start to smooth your sticker against the surface from the centre towards the edges using your trusty credit card.

Step 6 - Peel off the transfer paper

How To Apply Wall Decal - Peel Off Application Tape

With your sticker in place it’s time to remove the transfer paper. Again start in one corner (it makes sense to work from the top) and peel away slowly. If you find that any part of the decal is stuck to the transfer tape, roll it back into place and use your credit card to help fix it to the wall. Continue the process until you’ve removed the transfer paper. You can now erase the positional pencil marks.

That's it, put your feet up and relax with a well deserved cup of tea (or coffee) and admire your handiwork. 

If you prefer, you can download a printable PDF guide to applying a wall sticker right here.

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