5 Tips To Create a Stunning Monochrome Kids Room

5 Tips To Create a Stunning Monochrome Kids Room

I have to say that I'm a huge fan of monochrome kids rooms, it's a timeless scandi style that will outlast any zeitgeist trend due to its pure simplicity and ability to work in any house style.

Whether you're decorating a room for a baby or a teenager, monochrome just works, and it looks amazing on Instagram too (we know what you were thinking).

Here are my top 5 tips to create a stunning monochrome room and get that scandi vibe in your child's room.

Go Easy On The Black

Your monochrome room should be predominantly white. This may sound obvious but when you're limited to just black and white there can be a tendency to overdo the black. You'll end up with a chaotic looking room rather than the tranquil haven you're aiming for.

This is especially true if it's quite a small room. Check out our post on small kids bedroom ideas here.

We'd recommend just picking out a few elements such as wall stickers, rugs, soft toys and maybe just a single piece of furniture. This will stop you overdoing it and make sure the balance feels just right.

Don't forget that you can also throw a few grey tones in too, this can really help if it's feeling a little stark with just pure black and white alone. Lighter greys tend to be easier to work with and feel a little warmer too which can help if you live in a colder part of the world.

Patterns FTW

There's something about monochrome that works really well when it comes to patterns. It's like they were meant to go together. What you're missing due to a lack of colour can be more than made up with some creative patterns. Rugs, wallpaper and wall stickers are a good way to introduce a pattern or two.

Patterns are also a neat way to introduce black into a white room without going OTT (see tip No. 1).

I have to admit I love to see wallpaper and wall stickers that have repeating patterns, it must be my love of tidiness shining through, I just can't help myself. Black and white tends to lend itself to order.

Add A Little Colour

Just because you're going for the scandi monochrome look doesn't mean you can't have a little splash of colour here and there. Ok, technically it does mean that but who doesn't like breaking the rules now and again?

Stick to a single colour and keep it to just a few elements to make the biggest impact. The good news is pretty much any colour will work here so if your child has a favourite colour you can bring that into play.

Yellow is a particular favourite when it comes to adding a little colour but you can literally go for anything. We've seen stunning rooms with splashes of purple, red and one that is really popular right now, gold.


Lighter wood works incredibly well with a monochrome palette, this opens up a few more possibilities when it comes to furniture. It needn't be expensive either. IKEA have some fantastic storage solutions in lighter woods at reasonable prices and there are some simple shelves that work really well too.

The beauty of wood is it brings texture to your room which compliments your monochrome style fantastically, it also works if you've introduced a splash of colour too.

Soften With Texture

When it comes to black and white, it's very much all or nothing. What I mean by that is, it can start to look a little harsh. The good news is that there's a fantastic way to counterbalance this, and that's to use soft textures to add a little cosiness.

Blankets, rugs, even curtains can help here. Fabric toy containers do a great job of softening things up too.

So there you have it, five tips to help you create the perfect little monochrome haven for your little ones.

Have fun!

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