Paper Flowers

I create all type of paper flowers – from bouquets and garlands to large scale flowers that can be installed on walls or used as table decorations.

Paper flowers are a great alternative and come with a lot of benefits that you don’t get with real flowers: They have an almost everlasting shelf life and can be produced way ahead of time, there are no limits in terms of size and colour and they make stunning keepsakes.

Paper Flower Garland
Paper Peony Bouquet


Paper flowers make great decorations for wedding venues and look great as table decorations too. It’s becoming really popular to have a paper flower backdrop to get some truly unique wedding photos.

Shop Displays

If you’re looking to create a beautiful shop display, paper flowers are a stunning option. Due to their lightweight nature, paper flowers are easy to install, versatile and can be produced to fit any space.


Paper flowers are a beautiful compliment to any event. Wall flowers can be produced in any colour at almost any size. This makes them perfect for events and parties where they can be created to compliment your theme.