The first wedding anniversary is known as the paper wedding anniversary. Traditionally this means that first anniversary gifts are usually either made from or relate to paper. This can make it pretty difficult to know what to give so I created a list of 13 paper wedding anniversary gift ideas to get you started…

Tickets for a short break/romantic weekend away

What better gift to celebrate your first wedding anniversary together than tickets for a romantic break together?


Photos make a great first anniversary gift. Get a print of one of your first dates or a special moment that you shared together.


If you’re a little strapped for cash a romantic book can be a really nice gift. Think along the lines of Gone With The Wind rather than the latest Jack Reacher.

Custom Artwork

A custom piece of artwork for the home will stand the test of time. If you couple this with a moment from your time together then you’ll really add the personal touch.


A diary doesn’t seem like the obvious choice for an anniversary gift but if you fill it with all the moments that you share and do it together it can become a very beautiful collection of memoirs.


This one is for the creative people. Print a map showing all the places that you’ve got a history of as a couple. Your first date, local coffee shops that you frequented, houses that you lived in. Make it as personal as possible.


Another one for those that are a little short on money. Try your hand at some origami. Paper hearts are a good start but there are plenty of other things that you can make too.

Paper Peony BouquetPaper flowers

Paper flowers are the perfect paper anniversary gift. They’re made completely out of paper, can be made to any budget and with a little care will last almost forever.


For those of you that can’t decide on a single photo to have framed or created a a canvas why not have a photobook of your first year together printed?

Sheet music of your first dance

I’ve seen a few people doing this and it’s a really great idea. Get a hold of the sheet music for your first dance and have it framed. Here’s a little inspiration.

Message in a bottle

A message or love note in a bottle makes a really great and highly personal gift.

Love letter

A love letter is the perfect gift for any anniversary but is perhaps most appropriate for the paper anniversary and can make a beautiful addition to any of the above gifts.

Framed vows

Remember those vows that you made to each other? Have them framed and hang them on the wall with pride. It’s a great way to remember your special day.

There you go, 13 ideas to help you make your first wedding anniversary truly special!