I love looking at wedding photography, you seem some truly beautiful shots and the standard is getting higher and higher all the time. Here are five of my favourite Yorkshire based wedding photographers…

Emily Hannah

Emily Hannah Wedding Photography

Emily’s photos have a very real quality to them. There are some stunning images in her portfolio. I particularly like the delicate shots from Rob and Ellie’s wedding at Brinkburn Priory. There’s a beautiful shot of the bride and groom as confetti is being thrown that captures the moment perfectly. I love the inclusion of the images of flowers and shoes, the attention to detail in Emily’s work is amazing. There’s a very definite style to Emily’s work that I’m a huge fan of, her work is simple beautiful.



I absolutely love the photos in Chris and Verity’s portfolio – they have some of the most creative wedding photos that I’ve ever seen. There are delicate moments of joy and emotion mixed with images that capture stunning landscapes and surroundings. There’s such a high level of creativity here that every shot feels like it tells a story in itself. I really like the mix between the up close and personal sand the grandiose shots. So creative!

Kirsty Mattson


The thing that leaps out to me about Kirsty’s gorgeous wedding photos is the way that she really gets the most out of the surroundings. There are some stunning location based shots in her portfolio that show a real creativity in their composition. I really love her incidental shots from the hours prior to each wedding too, you really get a feel for the whole day from her photos. I almost feel like I attended some of the weddings after looking through the images that Kirsty captured.

Ryan Browne


Ryan’s wedding photographs are full of emotion. He really captures the moment and seems to have an incredible sense of timing. He has an an amazing ability to bring a new angle to the moment – there are some beautiful examples of this in his photos of Helen and Marc’s wedding at Whirlobrook Hall, Tickhill. There’s some truly intimate moments captured in Ryan’s work too – simply stunning photography.

Chris Milner


I love the way that York based Chris Milner’s wedding photography really brings the environment into his work. Chris’s local knowledge really pays off. There are some truly beautiful shots in his portfolio with fantastic compositions. His photos have a very modern feel to them and I love his documentary style shots showing the build up to the main event.