Paper Bloom is based in my home studio in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.

Paper Bloom started in early 2016, I’d been hand crafting paper flowers and custom artwork for a while and I finally decided to commit myself to it.

Everything I create is produced by hand, by myself. This means that the standard of my paper creations is incredibly high. I’m a perfectionist with an eye for detail that is constantly looking to improve my work.

I create paper flowers, garlands, framed artwork, table decorations, installations and a lot more. Whilst most of my work is for weddings and events I also produce custom art for shop displays and custom photo shoots.

If you’re looking for something unique for your event or just fancy a piece of artwork unlike any other, please get in touch.

Paper Bloom Home Studio Pontefract West Yorkshire
Freesia Paper Flower Garland
Paper Rose Custom Wall Art

Who am I?

I’m a mum of two boys and former graphic designer. I’ve always been interested in creating things and paper flowers are my passion. My house is starting to look a florist! When I’m not making paper flowers I love to spend time with my family.

Why Paper Flowers?

Paper is such a versatile medium. There’s something about starting with an untouched sheet of paper and turning it into something beautiful. Paper flowers are timeless – with a little love and care they can be kept forever as a memento.